Shooting in Manual Mode for Beginners

Outdoor Photography Walk

Friday 18 June 2021, 8am – 10am

Downtown, Manzil Souk, Free Parking

Capacity: 4 People Only!

This workshop is for beginners who are still confused about using their cameras. Join now and practice shooting in manual mode.

This is a free workshop for the winners of our Instagram contest, join the contest now for a chance to win and join this workshop.

1 : An Introduction to the Basics

Learn about Camera and Photography Basics.

2 : Exposure

Learn about Exposure and practice taking properly exposed photos.

3 : Aperture

Learn about lens aperture and practice using different apertures.

4 : Sutter Speed

Learn about lens shutter speed and practice using different speeds.

5 : ISO

Learn about ISO and how it affects exposure and practice using it.

Anas Aldera


The Founder of Photo Team, and a landscape photographer who’s been enjoying and practicing photography for the past 5 years while travelling into several countries around the world.

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